PBB Personal Training

Whether you’re a complete beginner, recovering from an injury, or want to take your fitness to the next level, a one-to-one session is a fantastic way to train.

We provide high quality trainers for one to one or small group sessions in the privacy of your own home, in the park or in your place of work. Wherever you want to see us we can be there!

Our trainers are skilled and qualified in a wide variety of fitness genres including traditional and dynamic Pilates fusions, barre and barre fusions, personal training, TRX training, rehabilitation, reformer Pilates and pre and post-natal exercise to name a few, therefore we are able to tailor bespoke sessions for you if you do not wish to go down the traditional Pilates route. ‘The session is your oyster!’

Below is a little taster of a few session styles that may interest you but remember, a combination of styles can be implemented into your programme to find the best workout for your body that you enjoy, are motivated to do and get you to your personal health and wellness goals.


Traditional Pilates

As Joseph Pilates said ‘In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body’ and it couldn’t be more true. Traditional Pilates was designed as a form of low-impact exercise which is designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles and to improve posture and core stability. The exercises are a form of dynamic stabilisation retraining that reconditions the body from the central core (deep abdominal muscles) following the original mat work exercises devised by Joseph Pilates.

Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, core stability, muscle tone, injury prevention, boosted immunity system and improved mobility and co-ordination. What more could you ask for!?


Dynamic Pilates fusion

Like traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates will improve posture, increase core stability, stretch out tight areas in the body and strengthen weaknesses to help create long and lean muscles.

Dynamic Pilates still focuses on all of the above however the intensity is increased by use of repetition, small equipment and various newly developed exercises.

As the speed and intensity of dynamic Pilates is higher than a traditional Pilates class you will experience an increase in heart rate and thus it becomes a class that will not only develop strong long and lean muscles but will also help you burn fat.


Personal Training

Personal training provides the motivation and exercise prescription to suit your capabilities and needs in fitness. Our programmes are bespoke depending on your specific goals and also dependent on what type of training appeals to you. The personal trainer can provide programmes to help improve fitness areas such as endurance training, cardiovascular training, strength training, weight loss or improved performance for specific sports. Throughout the course of your training our trainers will ensure to help you reach your goals. All our personal trainers in London have particular areas they specialise in and through a comprehensive consultation we can provide a trainer that is most suitable to you.


Pre and Post- Natal 

Pilates and pregnancy go hand in hand, this exercise with Yoga are two of the best forms of exercise to do during and after pregnancy.

As pregnancy is a time where you undergo enormous physical, emotional and hormonal changes, it is also a time to maintain health and fitness. Paola and her trainers have pre and post-natal specialist certificates and are experienced at delivering a safe programme which is tailor made to the individual as no two pregnancies are the same. Paola and her team will make your training experience unique. With each trimester, there will be a modification to the exercises to ensure you are training safely and comfortably. Throughout the Pilates and pregnancy course you will gain strength and suppleness, keep the core muscles strong including pelvic floor and deep back muscles, improve postural muscles that weaken with pregnancy and prepare you for the birth.

Exercising after having a baby is equally important for many reasons, not just regaining your figure. As the weight of the baby increases the stress on the spine and core muscles increase thus shifting the spine. Along with this the muscles and ligaments are weakened. It is important to regain the strength in the areas that have been weakened in order to correct your posture and pelvic floor muscles.

Our programme will help you gradually improve your strength and build up your stamina at the pace we feel is appropriate for you. This will benefit you greatly with every day demands placed on you with a new a baby.

For more information or to book your personal training session email info@paolasbodybarre.com

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