Exercise is the new facial

We all know how great exercise and Pilates is for the body, but did you know the positive benefits it has on you skin?

Doing regular sessions of Pilates has great regenerating effects on our aging process thus on our skin as well. Not only can our bodies be fit but our skin also.

Recent studies at McMaster University in Ontario began to show that engaging in exercises such as Pilates, regardless of the age you start regular exercise, will have almost-immediate positive effects on our skins thickness and elasticity. The research found that the more we engage in exercise the more myokines (IL-15-small proteins) are produced, which are thought to result in improved texture of the skin.

On top of this, the more Pilates we do the more we improve our circulation meaning more nutrients to the skin cells –  and in turn radiant skin! If we train Dynamically like we do at Paola’s BodyBarre your heart rate will stay elevated therefore flushing the bad toxins from the body whilst feeding important minerals and nutrients to the skin cells. These nutrients will rev up the skin’s collagen production.  With the ageing process comes the laziness of fibroblasts (the collagen-producing cells in the skin) The nutrients delivered to the skin during Pilates help fibroblasts work more efficiently.  Another bonus of sweating during Pilates and exercise is that we receive a mini facial: when we sweat the pores dilate, expelling trapped dirt and oil. So provided you wash your face afterwards, happy facials!

Engaging in exercises like Barre, Pilate and yoga are far less aging on your skin than continuous, repetitive high impact training which can cause premature sagging and ageing of the skin. All you need to do is compare the skin of a long distance runner to a Pilates goer and you will see the difference.

Pilates will also reduce inflammation within the body, helping to regulate skin-significant hormones and prevents free – radical damage.

Regular Pilates improves lymphatic drainage. Hard and concentrated breathing during a Dynamic Pilates session encourages this with the end result being smoother skin and improved appearance of cellulite.

As we know all types of exercise are a great stress reliever however we have to ensure that we combat levels of increased cortisol from more strenuous workouts. Cortisol not only contributes to fat accumulating in the body but also makes your skin very dry, oily, wrinkled, or full of acne. Cortisol can also increase wrinkling of the skin. When cortisol is released, sugar levels in blood increase, which, in a continual flow, encourages a process called glycation, a stress effect on the skin that damages collagen, hardening it, increasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Pilates focuses on breathing techniques which are crucial for calming the nervous system, in turn decreasing cortisol levels.

So as you can see the list is endless. I myself can see the positive effects of regular exercise on my skin. There is no miracle IL-15 pills, cream, botox or filler that can compare with the natural glow we receive from exercising!

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