Meet our Trainer: Harriet Heath

HARRIETHarriet has had a passion for fitness ever since she took her first dance class at 4 years old. Her positive attitude towards self-improvement and making fitness fun again makes her classes energetic and will leave you feeling better than ever! 

What got you interested in fitness in the first place?

I fell in love with movement at an early age, attending my first dance lesson at 4 years of age and I was always heavily involved in sports throughout my school life. I went on to train as a professional dancer and my passion for Pilates grew during this time, when I felt all the aches, niggles and pains that come from a gruelling training regime melting away through regular practise. I found that the Pilates method, along with my love for a high intensity, sweat filled workout was the perfect recipe for feeling strong, fit and fabulous! My health, wellbeing and fitness journey piqued after working for several years in the dance industry. I found that most people I met, throughout all areas of life, would put emphasis on what was “wrong” with their bodies – or what they “hated” about their physiques –  it just doesn’t quite sit right with me. I want to celebrate health, and focus on nourishing and caring for my body by embracing exercise as something that, I know, makes me feel incredible and keeps my body strong, mobile and healthy. I only have one to last my entire life, so I want to thank it and look after it!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.49.55Who inspires you?

I get inspired by so much and so many people daily – people who do what they love every day inspire me constantly. People who continually strive to live a life doing what makes them truly happy and fulfilled. I have so many friends just like this so I feel ongoing inspiration from them. Also Cameron Diaz obviously – absolute babe!!

Why did you choose to teach at PBB?

When I was introduced to Paola’s method I was instantly hooked! It is the perfect fusion of my passions for dance, pilates and a very intense workout. It is a mentally and physically challenging session that leaves the body feeling sensational – working balance, flexibility and co-ordination, creating long, lean muscles whilst burning a shed load of energy. Classes are personable, fun, motivational and, of course, extremely sweaty. Paola and her trainers are so full of energy, knowledge and passion for what they do. You leave feeling 100% worked to your limits and 100% fabulous!

Where did you study fitness and health? 

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.50.31My studies started at The Italia Conti Academy in Central London, I then went on to further my professional dance training at The Broadway Dance in New York City where I learned more about my body and discovered Pilates and it’s amazing benefits. I danced professionally for several years whilst pilates, health and fitness remained a huge part of my life and I have now gone on to train with Body Control Pilates for my teaching qualification. I discovered that motivating and inspiring people to live an active and healthy lifestyle is something I find amazingly rewarding. This came from times of inviting friends to work out; making it a fun experience, as well as a social one, but most importantly a positive one! I have also trained further with Paola’s BodyBarre, studying her method in detail along with the ingredients that make it so special. I plan to constantly build on my qualifications and continue learning – Reformer Pilates is my next goal.

How do you stay motivated?

Everybody has slumps, we are only human, so for me, a number of things help me to stay motivated, the main one being thinking about how I will feel after my workout. I know that stress I have built up will be expelled and if I am feeling tired and groggy before the workout I certainly won’t afterwards! Also grabbing a workout buddy is one of the BEST motivations – I love working out with friends, you can bounce off each other and make it fun – I think a key factor is making your workouts enjoyable. If you enjoy it, you want to do it more! Varying my workouts also helps me, not doing the same routine day in day out, giving my mind and body some variety and always trying new things!

Which classes do you teach at PBB?

I teach all the Barre classes – Come and get sweaty!

Find Harriet @thehealthyheathlet_ on instagram!

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