Benefits of Barre…for Men!


Here at PBB we disagree with the assumption that ballet barre is just for girls! There are a multitude of benefits for men that they would not necessarily get from other forms of exercise and many top male athletes have attributed there success to ballet training. We want to prove that it is not all tutus and tights!

Full Body Workout

A barre class is not a ballet rehearsal. No classical music, no tutus, no ballet shoes! (though we do love all of the above!)

At PBB our classes are designed to give you a full body workout. Using the barre is only one part of the class, we also incorporate weights, kettle bells, boxing techniques, TRX and there is always a cardio aspect to the class to ensure you work your whole body. Our classes are all done to high energy music and instructors that could often be likened to bootcamp sergeants, so this is not for the faint hearted!


Ballet barre, if done properly, will improve your flexibility. This is something that is commonly lacking in men, partly down to genetics and partly down to the forms of exercise men commonly enjoy. The more we build muscle the more we need to work on flexibility. NFL player Lynn Swann even credits his graceful performance in games in part to flexibility that he learned from ballet training and, adding that this training helped him achieve body control, balance and a sense of rhythm and timing. Flexibility can also reduce the likelihood of injuries to joints such as the knees and shoulders.

Hits the smaller ones!

It is great to be strong and muscular, but when striving for this we can often forget about the smaller muscles. Barre hits your core and the smaller muscle groups that make training the bigger ones easier and more effective.

Balance and co-ordination

This is so important and compliments other sports and forms of exercise like football, running and weight lifting. World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield has been seen doing pliés at the barre as part of his overall fitness regime. “When I was fighting the big guys I needed to have something that they didn’t have”.

Mental Focus

Barre requires a lot of focus and determination, since most movements must be made with precision to reap the full benefits. This sustained focus can directly enhance sports performance and can be carried through into many aspects of our personal and work life.

Legs and core!

Men often forget about training their legs when striving to be bigger, fitter, stronger. Stronger legs and core muscles will increase your strength on upper-body lifts and thus help upper-body muscle development. Moves at the barre will help target those problem areas and tone up your bottom, not just a thing for us girls!

In short there are MANY benefits from Ballet Barre for men but aside from that it is a fun workout that you can do with you friends or your partner, without looking “girly”!

To help you on your road to becoming a Barre convert Paola’s BodyBarre are hosting an event which will give you the opportunity to try our signature classes tailored for men and women to enjoy!

Boys at the Barre!

4 of our top trainers will take you and your beau through taster sessions of PBB’s classes, all accompanied by a live DJ! The classes will culminate in a fun challenge of boys against the girls at the barre.

Food and refreshments will be served by Hally’s of Fulham and all participants will leave with a FREE goody bag with discount vouchers and lots of goodies!

Date: 13th February 2016
Time: 1-3.30pm and 4pm-6.30pm
Place: Paola’s BodyBarre Studio, 70 Rosaline Road, London, SW6 7QT

Email: for more information.

£25 per head.
Book soon as spaces are limited.



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