Top Tips: Maintain BALANCE on your summer holiday

At PBB we are all about BALANCE. We know the struggle between wanting to stay fit and healthy while on holiday but also wanting to dig into that tiramisu! Here are our top tips for maintaining balance this summer:

  1. Stay hydrated. You loose a lot of fluids in that tropical heat so ensure to drink a lot more water than you usually would. Keep a bottle of water with you to sip throughout the day and drink a large glass first thing in the morning, with every meal and before bed. We all fancy a cocktail or three on our holiday and, at PBB, we are all about balance, so make sure you have a glass of water with each drink. Alcohol is dehydrating and the mixture of those long days in the sun with margaritas on tap has a tendency to make you feel a little more foggy that you may normally feel in a cool English bar!
  2. Be prepared. We all know that ‘hanger’ can creep up on us on long journeys. Be prepared for your journey to and from your destination. Airplane food isn’t best known for its healthy options, so to avoid having to grab an emergency bag of crisps and chocolate bar from the food cart we suggest taking some snacks in your hand luggage so you always have a go to snack and avoid those hunger cravings. Some of our favourites to pack are; a tupperwear of raw nuts, energy balls/bars (Deliciously Ella are a go to of ours!) or some medjool dates and a pouch (or two) of pip and nut nut butter (We love the almond butter!)
  3. Move your body. We all love to relax on holiday, a week lying in the sun is the ultimate dream but the hot weather can often make us feel lethargic with a lack of energy. Be sure to move your body daily to keep your energy balanced, we don’t mean you have to slog it out on the treadmill for an hour a day in the hotel gym, but take a morning walk along the beach, a 20 minute stretch in your nice cool hotel room or swim some lengths in the pool or out in the sea. This will boost those endorphins, energise you and help your circulation after all that sunbathing!
  4. Eat the rainbow. Holidays are for relaxing, treating yourself, your body, and just generally having all of the fun!! I’m sure, that means for you, as it does for so many of us, loosening the strings on that stringent healthy eating regime. By all means enjoy those Greek deserts and that scoop of gelato but don’t forget to give your body the all important nutrients it needs. Fill up on fresh fruit at breakfast time, order a side of grilled vegetables at lunch or make your dinner buffet plate as colourful as possible with fresh salads. Keep your days balanced, if you have eaten a delicious stone baked pizza for lunch, be mindful and opt for a lighter dish for dinner like fresh fish and salad. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, you are on holiday, so don’t spend the week beating yourself up for the whipped cream you had on your mid morning iced latte and forget to live in the moment!
  5. Give your mind a break. Less electronics. Of course you want to get some instagram worthy beach snaps when you are away but we feel that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, you are doing a great job on that sun lounger relaxing that bod but don’t forget about giving your mind some space as well. Leave your phone in your room and take a book to the pool instead, set an out of office email and let yourself be truly present in each moment of your break.

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