PBB Interviews: Gerry Lopez

Paola’s BodyBarre is upping the number of classes we teach weekly at Kula Wellbeing in Clapham! PBB meets with Kula’s founder Gerry Lopez to find out more about this serene space in London’s bustle…


1            What got you interested in wellbeing in the first place?

Yoga and meditation keen me sane. They help me to find peace within myself.

2            Who inspires you?

Albert Einstein. He is living proof of how imagination has changed the world. His humour also makes me smile.

3            How did you create Kula?

The goal was to make something out of the hobby that keeps me sane, but more importantly share the life-changing yoga therapy with others. I wanted to create a space where people could connect with themselves surrounded by people that share these values. This is what Kula is about! A space for you, where you can leave the world behind.

Kula in sanskrit means ‘a community of the heart’ – a community where people gather together to nurture themselves. Kula’s aim is to provide with you with an environment of love, compassion, discipline, hard work and fun.

4            Where did you study fitness and health?

I was trained as a Bikram Yoga teacher by Bikram Choudhry in Los Angeles.

5            How do you stay motivated?

By making sure I am enjoying what I do.

6            What are your favourite healthy spots in London?

I love spending time in Hyde Park… and of course Kula!

7            Which classes do you teach at Kula?

Bikram Hot Yoga is at our core. We also teach Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, i-flo, pregnancy yoga, kids yoga and Paola’s BodyBarre!



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