Paola’s BodyBarre at the South Kensington Club

Can’t always make it to Paola’s BodyBarre in Fulham?

The good news is that besides teaching at PBB, you can also find Paola Di Lanzo and her team teaching 19 classes ranging from PBB Cardio, PBB Hot Barre, PBB Reformer Pilates and PBB HITT all at the stunning South Kensington Club.

image by SKC

In case it’s the first time hearing the name, The South Kensington Club was originally built in the 1800’s as the Georgian-era Queens Gate Music Hall. And before becoming the SKC it evolved into Pineapple Dance Studios and later the renowned Harrington Club.

The South Kensington Club may have just opened its elaborate doors in 2015, but they are a club that finds inspiration through traditional cultures and holds a strong ethos rooted in health and wellbeing stating: 

“We believe in ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ – a healthy mind in a healthy body – and that wellness should be a central focus of daily life.”

Drawing from wellness traditions that don’t just start and end within the confines of London, SKC has its own bathhouse which includes a traditional Russian banya and Turkish hammam. After an intense workout, unwind in the sauna or take a plunge in their pool, followed by relaxing next to a wood fire or stone bath.

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Donning sleek hardwood floors and leather accents, their fitness centre is an ultra-chic yet cozy place to get away from the city bustle.

What’s more is that Paola offers a unique class not even on offer within her own studio: PBB Hot Barre, a barre class like no other.

Fusing ballet, pilates, dance and strength training within a room heated to 40 degrees,  hot Barre is a trend that started heating up in 2015, and puts even the most practiced barre- veteran through their paces.

The result? Expect a deeper stretch and tougher workout whilst giving your body the opportunity to release harmful toxins.

A members-only club, applications to join the South Kensington Club can be done through their website.

To view the SKC fitness schedule scroll below or click here.

Or check out their Facebook page.

By Victoria Engelmann

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 14.21.42
image by SKC
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 14.21.01
image by SKC




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