A weekend retreat to remember hosted by Paola’s BodyBarre

With February already half-way through it’s safe to say 2016 is in full-swing and not stopping for anyone.

And while most Londonites have their own tried and tested de-stressers, such as an intense workout or yoga session, a massage or even a long walk with friends, it’s safe to say that venturing outside of London can do the body and mind good.

Now, imagine all of the aforementioned modes or relaxing and more, surrounded by 100 acres of green English countryside, somewhere that seems light years away when you’re instead nestled amongst the urban intensity of London life.

Continue painting this tranquil picture and place within it a 16th-century cider press that’s been recreated into a rustic-chic countryside mansion.

Within this cozy house in Somerset, you’ll find communal spaces, a central courtyard, a large dining area for gatherings, a garden and a heated indoor pool.

Feeling relaxed yet?

Have a picture in your mind yet? Scroll through the below shots and see the real thing. It might very well be better than what you imagined.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each day you’ll wake up to breakfast, lunch and dinner all meticulously made with only the most nutritious ingredients. You’ll find yourself taking barre, pilates, yin as well as power yoga classes with London’s most well-known instructors. One-to-one nutrition consultations will also be held and there will still be plenty of downtime for spa treatments and countryside walks.

      And it only gets better.

This blissed out retreat is hosted by the most capable and experienced teachers and chef’s London has to offer. You’ll be sweating with Paola’s BodyBarre founder Paola di Lanzo, flowing with yoga teacher and nutritionist Emily Cohen and eating with Giles and Myles, founder’s of Mindful Chef.

Pilates, Barre and HIIT classes with Paola Di Lanzo
Meals and cooking classes with Mindful Chef owners Myles and Giles.
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 15.00.18
Power and Yin Yoga & nutrition talks with Emily Cohen

 What to expect:

  • Yoga twice per day with Emily Cohen
  • Nutritional talks
  • 1 to 1 nutritional consultations
  • Barre, Pilates and HIIT classes with Paola Di Lanzo
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner made by Mindful Chef
  • Cooking classes with Mindful Chef
  • A range of complimentary pampering treatments

Want more info?

Spaces for Paola’s BodyBarre Somerset Retreat are limited. Available room options include pairing-up with another individual or having a room to yourself. The retreat will run the weekend of Friday, July 1st until the 4th.

More details to follow! If you would like to book now or have any questions, please e-mail paola@paolasbodybarre.com

By Victoria Engelmann



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