The benefits of training with your partner

Couple doing exercise yoga together stretching while sunset

Tis the season of love, and why not bring some love into your workout too! We’ve all heard the phrases “a couple that trains together remains together”, “couples that sweat together stay together”… Here are some of our reasons why you should train with your partner.

  1. Motivation. Having someone meet you to exercise can mean the difference between showing up and not exercising at all. Just getting through the door is the most important thing, but the research into partner training study showed that the motivation to work harder was also increased.
  2. Quality time. It can sometimes be hard to find the time to be with your partner. Exercising is a healthy, endorphin releasing, relatively inexpensive way to spend some time doing something fun together.
  3. Feedback. It’s good to get feedback on your workout, just be nice 🙂
  4. Work harder. You wont be as tempted to slack off with your partner there, just make sure you don’t get too competitive and push yourself too hard!
  5. Perseverance. If you find a workout that you both can enjoy you’re more likely to persevere, and your other half wont try to tempt you out of it.

Exercising and keeping healthy is so important to us, so why not include your partner in this part of your life and have fun together!?

To help you on your road to becoming a fitness couple Paola’s BodyBarre are hosting a pre Valentine’s Day event which will give you the opportunity to try our signature classes tailored for men and women to enjoy!

Boys at the Barre!

4 of our top trainers will take you and your beau through taster sessions of PBB’s classes, all accompanied by a live DJ! The classes will culminate in a fun challenge of boys against the girls at the barre.

Food and refreshments will be served by Hally’s of Fulham and all participants will leave with a FREE goody bag with discount vouchers and lots of goodies!

Date: 13th February 2016
Time: 1-3.30pm and 3.30pm-5.15pm
Place: Paola’s BodyBarre Studio, 70 Rosaline Road, London, SW6 7QT

Email: for more information.

£25 per head.
Book soon as spaces are limited.


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