What’s hot at the barre’s shop: SukiShufu

SukiShufu (say that five times fast) is a brand that doesn’t compromise style, quality or function

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Created by founder Caroline White, SukiShufu’s fabrics are handcrafted in Italy and made right here in Britain.

And in an activewear market that’s booming, SukiShufu is offering kit that demands to be noticed. With tights that include a Chrome Gloss finish, you can’t help but look.

Originally deemed as “too Saturday night fever,” SukiShufu’s founder shunned the critics. and now, her fashion forward leggings can be seen on just about every celebrity trainer right alongside the celebrity bodies their toning, including Kim Kardashian and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

The more I see these, the more I want them. What’s even better?  SukiShufu’s leggings don’t discriminate; they look fab on everyone.

Check out SukiShufu’s latest pieces at Paola’s BodyBarre shop.

By Victoria Engelmann


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