PBB Trainer of the Month – Yvonne Rocca


As one of the newest members of PBB, HIIT specialist Yvonne has made quite the impact! Yvonne uses a variety of techniques, including functional weight training, TRX suspension training, ballet barre and pilates to improve your core and conditioning. She is an advocate of incorporating High Intensity Training to ensure you increase your metabolism to achieve a toned, fit and lean body.

Could you tell us a little bit more about how you got into fitness training?

As a kid growing up in Australia, I was lucky enough to be exposed to competitive outdoor sports from a young age. I couldn’t get enough of swimming and athletics and was also classically trained in ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance. The one consistent thing in my life has always been movement and a passion for fitness.

I graduated in Psychology and after several years working for a Film Festival in New York I realised that I really wanted to pursue my passion for fitness, so I retrained as a Personal Trainer with the American Council of Exercise and more recently undertook training in the Stott Pilates method.

I’m an avid follower of dance, pilates, yoga and resistance training and my training style reflects the same principles of movement. I really do love seeing clients tone up, improve their core strength and overall fitness levels. I’m excited to share some my moves at PBB!

What brought you to PBB?

Paola has fantastic energy and a wealth of experience in the fitness industry that really makes the PBB brand and studio work. I love the beautiful bespoke studio concept, trendy vibe and that the PBB community are really committed to showing up and giving it their 100% best effort to each challenging class.

Who is your fitspiration?

Misty Copeland – she’s proven to the ballet world that you can have an athletic physique and be graceful at the same time. She is also a reminder to the next generation of young girls out there that being strong can be a lot more inspiring than aiming to be skinny!

What’s your favourite workout outfit?

I love TinyFish leggings and anything with turquoise or bright orange in it. Oh and every single colour pair of Nikes that I can get my hands on!

Favourite places to eat in London?

St Clements in Fulham has possibly the best organic scrambled eggs you can eat in London. The salads at Hally’s for lunch and Eight over Eight for great cocktails and food.

Ultimate day off?

It would be a day off at the beach back home in Sydney with family and friends..one can only dream! The next best thing is a morning run along the river from Putney to Hammersmith bridge, followed by a picnic at Fulham Palace and finishing off the evening with a glass of wine and Bacio Gelato at ICE and SLICE.

Favourite PBB move?

That’s a tough one – there are so many good ones! – kickboxing ballerina is one of my favourites for the burn you feel in your booty! I do also love a good TRX single leg pistol squat!

Favourite workout song?

Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris – On The Outside

Sum up Paolas BodyBarre in 3 words?

Fun, Unique, Challenging!

You can book in for a class with Yvonne or any of our trainers online. See you at the barre!


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