That Little Black Dress – PBB’s tips for staying on track over the party season!

Like these girls, we all want to have fun over the silly season, but still want to fit into our LBDs come New Years! So we have put together some tips for staying on track while still enjoying the festivities!

This is an obvious one but something we often neglect over the months where we consume the most food and drink. As well as burning the extra calories, exercising during a time of excess can stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent damage to metabolism, which is what often leads to over eating and sugar cravings. Exercise boosts endorphins which will help counteract that hazy morning after feeling and sweating out is a great way to detoxify and flush the body of alcohol, cholesterol, and salt

Classes are a great way to exercise when you are tired or have enjoyed a few too many glasses of novelty christmas drinks the night before. Most studios have at least a 12 hour cancellation policy so you can’t cancel in favour of your bed and when you finally get there you will have an instructor pushing you to do things you wouldn’t necessarily do by yourself. Schedule your weeks exercise and you will feel so virtuous! 6.15 am PBB Thrasher anyone??

Eat full meals!
Christmas canapés and champagne taste great but are often filled with salt, sugar and fat and low on vitamins. Force yourself to fill up on colourful veg and protein when you can to fill you up and curb your cravings, making you less likely to reach for that mince pie as well as keeping you healthy so you can carry on partying!

Alcohol and salty foods lead to dehydration, which plays havoc with your mood, metabolism, skin, hair, the list goes on… Drink lots of water! Lemon water in the morning is a great way to hydrate and get your metabolism going, with the added bonus of a vitamin C kick. Coconut water is also very hydrating and juicing is a great way of packing in some vitamins at the same time.

Sleep plays such an important role in your physical and mental health and is involved in the healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels, which keeps you alert and fighting fit. You cannot reap all the benefits of exercise without good restorative sleep. Everyone’s individual sleep needs vary but in general, most healthy adults are built for 16 hours of wakefulness and need an average of eight hours sleep a night. Alcohol disrupts brain chemicals that regulate sleep, which means you spend less time in restorative sleep and more a light sleep, so make sure you get those hours in!

Finally, ENJOY! And see you in the studio sweating it out the next morning!

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