PBB Trainer of the Month – Helen Barlow

This month we’re all eyes on Helen Barlow, PBB’s resident fire cracker. Don’t be fooled by her smile, with endless energy Helen will get your pulses racing, bums burning and you will honestly sweat like never before!


Helen moved from her home town of Liverpool to London to study at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance when she was 16. On graduation, Helen started work in a contemporary dance company but sustained an injury that persuaded her to explore her passion for fitness training.

With a strong understanding of the benefits of barre training to develop long, lean muscle, Helen brings the same focus and determination she developed in her dance training to ensuring everyone gets the very best out of their workout.

Could you tell us a little bit more about how you got into fitness training?
As an ex dancer, throughout my dance training and dance college, I was always into my fitness to improve performance. It wasn’t until I injured myself badly that I had to think of a new career path and fitness had been there all along for me as a passion.

As soon as I trained to be a personal trainer I knew I had made the right decision, as not only do I love my job, it doesn’t really feel like work most of the time!

I trained to be a barre instructor just a few months after, and it is my favourite class to teach! I love seeing the shaky legs and the hard work, and most of all, the results!

What brought you to PBB?
I followed Paola from the opening of her Fulham studio on social media accounts and knew it was somewhere I wanted to work – from the beautiful studio to the inspirational and ever hard working Paola! PBB just keeps building and building and that’s why I wanted to be part of it!

Who is your fitspiration?
That’s a tricky one!! Any woman who is strong, fearless and fit and owning it!!

What’s your favourite workout gear?
Anything Nike or Lucas Hugh! I have also recently discovered Onzie, really reasonably priced gorgeous workout gear!

Favourite places to eat in London?
I love The Good Life Eatery for anything breakfast or lunch and Tanya’s Cafe for a beautiful dinner with superfood cocktails!!

Ultimate day off?
A LIE IN, fitness class with my boyfriend or friends, lunch at one of Fulham’s many many cute cafes, and a cosy night in with a glass of red and a good film!

Favourite PBB move?
Too many! Kickboxing ballerina is a goody because it gets heart rate up and you also get a great booty burn!!

Favourite workout song?
Beyoncé will always get me in the mood to kill my workout!

Sum up Paolas BodyBarre in 3 words?
FUN, challenging, different.

You can book in for a class with Helen or any of our trainers online. See you at the barre!


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