Is 2015 the year of the BARRE?


Fitness is no longer a chore. We’re coining it the biggest trending lifestyle choice of 2015, and by that, we mean fitness is becoming the new Thursday night or Saturday brunch for Londoners. It no longer needs to be a gruelling 6am alarm clock; it’s fast becoming the next social affair with all the trendy trimmings complimented by the surge of juice bars and Sport Luxe wear.

 Right now it’s all about discovering new and exciting ways to train. High-Intensity Interval Training was the fitness genre of the 2014 but 2015 has seen the Barre firmly take the centre stage. Like most trends in wellness, we only have to glance across the Atlantic to see what’s coming next. Leading pioneers in the States include Pure Barre,Physique 57 and The Bar Method, each putting their own unique twist on a workout that takes its cues from sculpting ballet warm-ups – and don’t think you need to be built like a waif to attempt this type of class… Think of it like an athletic fusion of yoga and pilates designed to hone, sculpt and test core strength, where all that’s required is a barre to lean on, a toning ball and a couple of weights.

Muscle building moves at the barre followed by jumps, squats, pliés and other dynamic cardio exercises will really challenge your muscles in ways that your regular routine doesn’t. It’s a great way to start working on multiple muscle groups that you’re probably missing out on using in your normal routine of spinning or running, and will see you develop strength without the bulk. Set to upbeat music, you’ll train like a dancer without all the complex routines extending, toning and developing a body to rival Elle Macphersons

Fans of the Barre include the likes of Millie Mackintosh, Amanda Byram, Calgary Avansino and Madaline Shaw who are all regulars to Paola’s Body Barre, a boutique studio with a diverse range of classes tucked away in the back streets of Fulham, one of the most up and coming boutique fitness studios of 2015


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