Meet Madeleine Shaw, Nutritional Health Coach and Supper Club Hostess Extraordinaire!

Madeleine Shaw trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a fully qualified nutritional therapist. She consults both privately and through her website, as well as finding time to blog her delicious healthy recipes, and organise monthly Supper Clubs at various locations across London.

Team PBB caught up with the lovely Madeleine Shaw after class to find out what drives this talented nutritionist, chef, and self-professed yoga enthusiast!

PBB: How would you describe your approach to nutrition?

For me it’s about enjoying food. I hate diets and feeling hungry! I like to promote whole fresh food, nothing processed, packaged or refined.  I believe that with every bit of food we eat, we are influencing how we will look, feel and think. Healthy eating should be a way of living, not just a monthly ‘fad’ or ‘phase.’ That way you will maintain results and reap the benefits all year round!

A key step to a happy equilibrium is to love yourself, it sounds hippy I know, but it’s so important – you need to love that body of yours and it will love you back.

PBB: We are aware you are as much into your fitness as you are with your nutrition. What is your fitness routine?

Usually I do Yoga three days per week, go to the gym to lift weights twice a week, and then I’ll take another Pilates or dance based class. Some weeks however I only make a quarter of this when the work piles up, but I do aim to exercise five days per week.

PBB: How did you come about creating your Supper Clubs?

I started my Supper Clubs a year ago now, it is quite a funny story how they started! I had just moved back to London and had the idea to do them asI couldn’t find anywhere to eat healthy food for dinner, so I thought I’d just create it. 

I tweeted asking about, and a girl who followed me replied saying she knew a guy who owned a restaurant in Fulham. I went down to meet him and in front of me stood a very handsome man! I put my business cap on, pitched it to him and he loved it! They were such a success…. and we have been dating ever since.

I have taken my Supper Clubs to other restaurants such as Paradise in Kensal Rise and Grace Belgravia. They are fun evenings full of coconut cocktails, healthy food and gorgeous girls. They are the best part of what I do.

PBB: What are your favourite health food hot spots in London?

Daylesford, The Good life, Raw Press and Grangers.

PBB: And we see you will be taking on new clients on your Get the Glow Program for September, our readers would love to know more…

Get the Glow program is all about quitting sugar and healing your digestive system. You are taken on a journey that detoxes, revitalises and energises your body from inside out. I fully support my clients, loading them with delicious recipes and insider tips and provide PDF guidelines at each step. Its a lot of fun and everyone sees great results. 

Check out Madeleine’s fantastic website for inspirational recipes, information about the next Supper Clubs, programs and to contact Madeleine directly. 


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