We at Paola’s BodyBarre can’t get enough of Kimberley, of Retreat Cafe’s delightful healthy treats. 
Kim has been supplying us since the opening night and her wares have been a real hit with our members. From her amazing granola yogurt, and fruit compote pots to her “to die for” muffins (which I keep saying are the best healthy muffins I’ve ever tasted….in fact so is her granola!)
Kimberley was originally a Naturopath completing her BA of Health Science in Melbourne, Australia. 
After selling her Australian Naturopathic practice, Kimberly made the bold decision to move to Europe where she taught herself the art of cooking whilst working as a chef between Alpine Chalets and a 15th century Tuscan Villa set in the rolling hills and olive groves of the Chianti region.
Moving to London in 2010 Kimberly began work as a private chef in Notting Hill whilst establishing her freelance catering company ‘My Travelling Kitchen’ and publishing her first recipe book in Norway in 2012. Titled ‘Suitcases of Recipes’ the book is the culmination of her travel and food experiences, photography and memoirs.
Now with Retreat she has been able to combine her passions of holistic health and food to bring London a new vegetarian and health conscious café concept “RETREAT CAFÉ”
Kimberley  believes in wholesome nourishment. Food that promotes health without a whiff of rabbit food.  The Retreat products are virtuous in every sense of the word. Healthy never tasted so good!
All of their products are home-made and carefully formulated by Kim. Nutritionally balanced and freshly made each day, their products are bursting with nutrients and truly healthy in every sense. 
Absolutely everything on their menu is gluten free, refined sugar free & tastes great!
We at Paola’s BodyBarre get to have a little “slice” of Retreat every day and cannot get enough of it!
“As a chef, I believe all food should be whole and as natural as mother natural intended. I love to prepare foods which are as close to natural, fresh and real as possible, so as to be able to give the best possible nourishment. The pleasure of eating for me is in the flavour and nutrient content of each food. I love to be able to taste the flavours of food in their most natural state and therefore feel and experience their goodness simultaneously.  Often after consuming food many people feel tired and lethargic – this isn’t a positive sign and usually means the choice of food they made has not been kind or considerate to their system as a whole.  After eating our food you will feel liberated and energised as its been made with digestive consideration as well as balanced nutrition in mind.” 



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