This week I have decided to delve into the debate of Gym vs Boutique studios. Boutique studios are popping up all over London. Whether it be a cycle studio, a Barre Studio, a yoga studio or Pilates studio…..the demand is high.

Health and fitness has been one of the biggest industries for decades, however there has been a big shift in the type of fitness available. The choice for fitness is wide and varied. As are the places you can go to get fit!

Over the past 15 years we have seen a surge in specialty studios such as Pilates, Yoga and dance studios. Many people a veering away from gyms for various reasons.

The “super’ Gym usually has everything under one roof, Pilates, various fitness classes, yoga, beauty, spinning, swimming pool, sauna/spa, tennis courts physiotherapy and health foods……the list is endless! This is great for convenience and sometimes the pocket! However there are draw backs to being a member of a vast, sprawling gym.

One might wonder why one would choose a more expensive boutique studio over a gym, which has so much more variety.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1)   The personal attention you get at a boutique studio is consistent. The attention you get carries through out your time spent at the studio….not just at induction and sign up. Who notices when you don’t turn up to a gym? In a boutique studio you are not just a number. You have name to your face! It is more than likely that if you havn’t been to a boutique studio for a while the trainer or owner will follow you up. Ensuring you are going to reach your fitness goals.

2)   Boutique studios tend to specialise in certain types of fitness so the classes are highly efficient and effective helping you reach your goals quickly. When you go to the class you know you’ll get the most out of the hour you spend doing the class. All trainers tend to be highly trained and experienced. They often have many Diplomas in specialist training fields. This determines the high quality of the classes

3)   A boutique studio has a real sense of community. Most people are local and over time begin to know one another, as they constantly see each other in the classes. Once they get to know each other they tend to meet up out of the studio. It’s a great place to meet friends with common interests. Boutique studios usually organise events for members (and non-members) providing a fantastic service for the local community so they can, not only gain knowledge in varying health and fitness matters, but also meet up with the locals on a social level (out of the pub!).

4)   You are less likely to cancel your sessions at a boutique studio as you pay per class you sign up for. It is quite common for people to sign up to a gym with great intentions and turn up only once or twice or never turn up at all! The fact that you have to pay for the class as you go along is motivation in itself.

5)   Time wasting in a gym is also quite common, wondering from one high tech machine to another. In a boutique studio you pay for your class, pitch up and there is no hiding! That hour is filled to the maximum. As the classes are smaller it is more likely that the teacher can make sure you perform the exercises correctly which means it is more effective. The results are achieved so much quicker when exercises are done correctly.

6)   Although boutique studios appear to be more expensive on the whole they are not in the long run, as what you get in return from your “investment in your own body and health” is ten fold. You pay for what you get. All trainers tend to be highly trained and often have many Diplomas in specialist training fields.

In a nut shell Boutique Gyms are a great way of achieving your fitness goals quickly and efficiently in a non threatening friendly environment.

In a Boutique studio you are never alone!

Paola’s BodyBarre Fulham


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