So many of us are concerned with how we look externally and tend to neglect ourselves internally. It is so important to take care of our health and treat our body like a temple with healthy living, diet and exercise.

It also makes us feel great about ourselves when we have our hair done and take care of our appearance.

How many of us  actually “nourish” our souls? Some do this by going to a place of worship or being with one in nature and others may meditate or practice yoga.

I discovered Natalia through a mutual friend over 10 years ago…..she has been my “spiritual guide” through out the years. And has helped me, and thousands of people, go deeper than our skin.

Without Natalia, I would have never of  had the courage to start up my own business!  Natalia played a huge part in the opening of PBB and I’m forever grateful for her guidance.

Natalia is a healer, psychic and spiritual counsellor who combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom.

Every person (no matter how sceptical they are) I have sent to Natalia has not been disappointed….she is an amazing woman and so brilliant in her field.

Through out the years I have had various types of Life Coaching, however, no one has ever been as thorough and quick as Natalia at getting results!  Direct and straight to the point without all the “mumbo jumbo”.

She is the perfect guide to getting you on track, helping you to reach your goals.

For more information on Natalia:

Natalia is holding a couple of workshops next month in London: (Jenna hall Barnes and TRI-YOGA Chelsea)

Healing  the Mother Wound Workshop

Sunday 11th of May 2014

10 am to 5 pm

£70 per person

At Jenner Hall, Jenner Place, off Boileau Road, Barnes, London SW13




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