Paola’s BodyBarre: London’s hottest new fitness address.

Launching February 2014, Paola’s BodyBarre is a fitness studio specialising in Dynamic Pilates and Ballet-based routines that will challenge you to the core.

Founder Paola Di Lanzo has 25 years experience in the fitness industry, working at many of the capitals’ most exclusive health clubs and gyms. After becoming pregnant with her first child 11 years ago, Paola continued training, but realised the “hard and fast” approach did not suit her body anymore. She discovered Pilates through her clients, and 10 years later is still passionate about the practice; she has developed her own Dynamic routine, which “ups the anti” of traditional classes by increasing repetitions and modifying movements. Her method is for anyone who wants to get all the benefits of Pilates, along with the ‘wow’ effect of a cardiovascular gym workout.

Two children later, Paola yet again evolved her routine to hone her body. She has taken bits from her Dynamic Pilates, Ballet/dance, and core and functional training to form her signature BodyBarre routine.  It’s dynamic, fun, and high energy (yet low impact). The results are incredible…the technique works so as to get into the deeper stabilising muscles, as well as the peripheral muscles, working them to exhaustion giving you a tight, chiseled body. After just three or four sessions, you can expect lean limbs, amazing posture and a very strong core.

Also available at Paola’s BodyBarre is BodyBarre Burn, for more experienced Pilates fans who want to be seriously challenged, BodyBarre Fierce for those who want the burn and to really shake their “booty,” created by Paola’s right hand girl Tracy Ramsay (dance specialist), and BodyBarre Below for everything from the waist down. The studio also offers Yoga with the amazing Julie Montegu (London’s Yoga Guru for cardio and power yoga), Dynamic Pilates, Traditional Ballet and Floor Barre, Traditional Pilates, Pre/Post Natal Pilates, TRX-Kettle Bells, TRX-Pilates, and The 30 minute thrasher…you can guess what that is!

BodyBarre has collaborated with Raw For Life to produce original raw treats and juices. They will also be stocking Jax Coco, Good Life Eatery products, Up Cakes, Moosh, Retreat cafe (In Power Yoga), Nosh Detox juices and salads, Organic Burst, Julie Montegu’s new super foods range…their clients never go hungry!

They also have a fantastic line-up of trunk shows throughout the year, featuring cutting edge sportswear brands such as Suki-fushu, Lucas Hugh, LuluLemon, Lorna Jane and Feather’s Five, so you can also stay ahead of the curve on the fashion front!


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