Paola’s Top Tips to Beat the Post Silly Season Bulge

Happy New Year to you all!

We at BodyBarre decided that we would go the “Whole Hog” or Turkey at Christmas and let ourselves indulge…

And we certainly did exactly that! Tracy flew back to the States to reunite with family and friends, and engaged in numerous festive activities.

And I stayed in London and entertained, cooked, entertained, cooked, entertained and cooked and finally rested.

Now all the mince pies are gone, the mulled wine has been drunk, the pannetone AND pannetone bread and butter pudding devoured, the VERY fattening ham, stuffing and turkey left over pie (which I was very proud of!) has been demolished…….It’s now time to shape up, detox and beat the Post Silly Season Bloat! I’m sure many of you can identify with this.


So now we are all ready for a big overhaul, I have put together my top tips to set you on your merry way into 2014…

1. Let’s start with water and lots of it! Drinking water alone will flush and dilute toxins out of your kidneys and liver. It is important to stay hydrated when dieting, as you need the fluid to help burn energy. It’s proven that drinking enough water speeds up your metabolism. Kick start your digestion in the morning by drinking warm water with lemon. You can have as many as you like! Replacing coffee and tea with water and lemon will help keep you alkaline, cleanse your liver (much needed post New Years Eve!) and boost your immunity, which will see you through in the cold months ahead. During the day you could sip cucumber, mint and lemon water. Cucumber is one of the most hydrating vegetables, and the mint will make it taste fresh and crisp!

2. Cut out the processed stuff! In order to detox, we need to eliminate our body of as many artificial additives as possible. It’s time to EAT CLEAN. By clean, I mean sticking to fresh foods: eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Eating at least 50 percent of your fruit and vegetable consumption raw will maximise the nutritional intake. Cooking destroys the live enzymes and nutrients. You will notice you have an abundance of energy by eating raw! As soon as you cut processed foods, you instantly eliminate a big percentage of sugars, salt and trans/saturated fats. Swap crisps for crunchy veggies and low fat houmous, and fizzy drinks with a veg and fruit smoothie. Which takes me to my next point…

3. Juicing. Try to have one meal replaced with a fruit/veg smoothie. If you don’t own a juicer, you can always find a local juicing bar or cafe. London is becoming awash with them! As a Fulhamite, my local favourite is Moosh Juice, Fulham Broadway. Most juice bars will give you lots of suggestions of what fruits and veg to combine, along with a list of the benefits. Create your own…research on the internet – there are literally thousands of recipes out there!Be wary of added sugars and fats in smoothies. Avoid dairy, and replace with almond milk or any nut milk! Remember to add healthy fats such as almond butter, seeds or avocado to add texture and make the juice rich and creamy.


4. Avoid rich, heavy foods for the month of January. Avoid red meat entirely, and try and cut out dairy as much as possible. Replace milk with nut milks found in all supermarkets or health stores. If you can’t cut out dairy entirely, try Probiotic low fat yogurt (0% Greek yogurt is a great one I love to use which is found in most London supermarkets). Yoghurt and berries with a sprinkling of seeds (flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds- Linwoods do great seed combos) is a great breakfast or snack! The berries are high in antioxidants, and the yoghurt has a high satiety index. Replace your protein needs with lots of fresh fish, especially oily fish such as salmon. Legumes, quinoa and eggs are an excellent source of protein, and numerous delicious recipes can be found online.

5. And last but by no means least….EXERCISE! We will be doing LOTS of it at Paola’s BodyBarre. Keep active every day in one way or another. Do at least 30 minutes daily of some form of exercise. Now is the best time to kick start your exercise regime. And have fun with it!!!!

*For anyone that finds dieting and detoxing too difficult to do alone we suggest:


Geeta Sidhu (DIRECTOR) says we all need a body MOT to flush away our Christmas sins! My good friend and client Becky Stevens swears by Geeta’s program. I have seen the results, and they are truly amazing!

Contact for ready made detox friendly meals, snacks and juices to your door.


Angelina and Tenna (founders of Purearth) have developed a range of programs that target a variety of needs, and run from 3-14 days depending on your goals. The program consists of organic, cold pressed juices.

My dear friend Olivia Falcon of Tatler trialled one of their programs prior to dashing off to the sunshine for Christmas, and was super impressed with the results! Tracy and I will be doing the program this January…updates to follow!


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