Go from Sweaty to Sexy with PBB’s Favourite Designer, Lucas Hugh



What was your main inspiration to create your brand Lucas Hugh?

LUCAS HUGH launched in July 2010 although I spent 2 years developing and trialing the product before we officially launched. I also tested a number of different factories to find the best places to manufacture a quality technical product, in an ethical and considered way.

For someone who works out regularly, I found it very difficult to find work out clothes, which wereinteresting and looked good, but also more importantly performed well. I launched the brand out of a personal need for a technical athletic product, which complemented the female figure and incorporated a fashionable look – and that was not just pink and purple!

I had been designing swimwear for 15 years before I set up the brand, so it was a natural moveinto designing athletic-wear – using similar textiles and manufacturing techniques. I had previously worked for Speedo and Alexander McQueen and had my own swimwear line in New Zealand – where I am from.

Which designer/designers do you most find inspirational?

I love Syd Mead – who is futurist product and set designer. I also love Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.

What is your main focus when designing fitness wear?

We start by designing garments that are sports specific, and tailor each piece for its end use.Adding the design elements is similar to designing a ready to wear collection. We come up with a theme each season and base the colors and product design on that – for example the SS14 Collection is based on the ‘Cueva de los Cristales’ in Mexico. All the pieces are based on shattered crystals – the lines of the shard leggings are like the faces of crystals with opalescentand reflective lines on the legs and hips. The print is a hand sketch, by Russian artist Anna Sudbina of fragments of shattered prisms, and infused with beautiful flowers bright flowers. It’s very summery and joyful.

What makes Lucas Hugh so unique?

LUCAS HUGH is a cutting edge luxury athletic-wear brand for women. Combining a fashion forward aesthetic with innovative, considered design, vibrant colours and stunning artwork prints.Produced with the highest quality technical fabrics and innovative manufacturing techniques at one of the most technologically advanced sportswear factories in the world. The collections aredesigned to support a serious work-out, yet versatile and stylish enough to wear throughout the day and even into the night! 

We know how much you love your fitness….what is your fitness routine?

I like to get up early and work out first thing – otherwise I will not get around to it. I like to go for a30-minute run to clear my head. I really enjoy reformer Pilates, boxing, and resistance training with a trainer. I also love trying new things.

What are your training tips? Healthy eating tips?

Find a form of exercise you love doing – that way it will become part of your life, rather thansomething you feel like you have to do to stay in shape.

Favourite health food hang out?

I love Ceviche – the Peruvian Restaurant in Soho.

If you had one fitness-style tip to give to the readers what would it be?

If you are more confident in what you are wearing, you are more likely to put more into your work out!


Creative Director and Designer Anjhe Mules 


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