The Holiday Season is Almost Here…Stay Healthy This Winter with PBB’s 5 “M’s”

PBB’s Tracy Ramsay gives us 5 hints to help us through the Winter Season…
  1. Moisturize: The lack of humidity in winter air can irritate the skin and create a dry, itchy result…use a cream containing an oil to trap moisture on your skin after toweling your face off gently.
  2. Meals: Don’t skip them! Before your holiday party, be sure to fill up with protein, instead of starving yourself to leave room for treats.
  3. Moderation: Avoid post-party guilt by exercising some self-control – don’t go back for seconds! Be sure to choose your nibbles and portion sizes wisely – only eat the goodies that come once a year… then walk away to chat and enjoy time with friends and family!
  4. Move: Just because you’re about to leave on holiday, doesn’t mean your exercise routine is taking a break! Even if you can’t fit in your usual workout, find time during the day to boost your heart rate: walk briskly when out doing your seasonal shopping, or simply jog up and down the stairs! You’ll have more energy to accomplish all your activities.
  5. Meditate: With all of the stress of the Christmas season coming up, be sure to take time to sooth your mind and body each day. Focus all of your energy on breathing, and add a repetition of a calming and positive mantra. Meditation can reduce stress levels, and has even been shown to lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

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