Why Try Dynamic?

PBB’s Paola Di Lanzo tells us why Dynamic Pilates is the way forward!

Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in popularity from Traditional to Dynamic Pilates. Strictly speaking,  “Pilates purists” might say Dynamic Pilates is not Pilates. This is true in the sense that it was not Joseph Pilates who created this particular method. However, Joseph Pilates did not patent his method; therefore, we have had MANY variations of the true Joseph Pilates method over time.

With the development of sports science research and further studies into human movement, exercises on the whole are constantly evolving!


During my 11 years as a Pilates teacher, I have found that many of my clients tend to want a to combine many aspects of training into a single session. Life is so busy, so we want to make your workout count! In order to get maximum results for your time, we aim to incorporate all the traditional elements of Pilates mixed with dynamic movement, so you end up with a “Double Whammy” class.

The pairing of Traditional and Dynamic methods gives you all the benefits of traditional Pilates: strengthening and focusing on the “power house,” the core muscles of the waist and lower back, lengthening tight muscles, and general toning of all the muscles groups, with the added bonus of improved posture and balance.

The Dynamic/athletic aspect of the class allows us to “up the anti” by increasing repetitions until we work the muscles to exhaustion. Unlike Traditional classes, we add isometric work and “pulsing” with high repetition, which gets in deeper to the smaller muscles often neglected. This really draws and pulls the muscles in. We have also become creative with movement patterns and routines, and have introduced a functional aspect of training into the session.

Each class consists of precise, controlled movements. In Dynamic Pilates, we always move continuously from one exercise to the next, so the class flows and keeps the heart rate up at a good pace. We also ensure that we stretch and lengthen the muscles after strengthening, to avoid the bulked up “body builder” look.

The end result of the marriage of Traditional and Dynamic Pilates with an element of functional training is a strong, streamlined body with improved balance and alignment. After a Dynamic Pilates class, you will be walking taller, feeling energised, and moving with greater ease!

Are you ready for the burn?!

Paola’s BodyBarre opens this January in Fulham.  Follow us on Twitter @PBodyBarre and like us on Facebook for more information! Or just e-mail paolasbodybarre@yahoo.co.uk  to sign up for Dynamic Pilates classes today!



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